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Home improvement projects that involve the kitchen are often costly. However, with a bit of creativity, giving your kitchen a modern look can be made affordable.

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Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Seattle WA - Modernizing for Less

An outdated kitchen cannot accommodate the needs of a modern individual or family. However, most homeowners are still hesitant about making upgrades that can elevate and modernize the look and function of their kitchen. Often, this hesitancy is due to the amount of money it takes to make those changes.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Seattle gathered ideas, tips, and tricks homeowners can try out immediately to give their kitchen a contemporary feel for less money and time.

Update your cabinetry

You can update them by doing one or all of the following:

  • Swapping out hardware.
    Choose new knobs and pulls with modern designs. Often, these have a sleek and contemporary look. Also, consider the material and color when choosing your hardware. Metal knobs and pulls in shades of black, gray, white, or silver give off a modern vibe. If you self-install the hardware, you could give your kitchen an updated look for less than $100. The amount you would spend depends on the material, size, and amount of hardware you need.

  • Painting existing cabinetry.
    When you want to give your cabinets a modern update, consider a glossy finish. Choose shades of white as this blends well with other colors and elements in your kitchen. You can also paint your cabinets black or a dark, vibrant color. These colors hide the imperfections of an old cabinet and add character to the area.

  • Adding special features that improve efficiency.
    Special features include pullout drawers you can install inside your cabinets and utensil dividers for your drawers. Though these cannot be seen easily, they can make your kitchen more efficient, a feature often observed in modern designs.

    Other items you can place in different areas that improve your efficiency in the kitchen are lazy susans, over-the-door storage racks, and pot and pan organizers.

  • Install new lighting options
    As mentioned earlier, improving your kitchen’s functionality transforms your old space. A kitchen can immediately seem old and uninspiring if it does not have a well-designed lighting plan. Strategically placing proper lighting fixtures is essential for the security and versatility of your kitchen. You can install puck lights or LED strips in work areas like under or inside the cabinets. Adding LED lights at the bottom of your kitchen island or base cabinets can give the “floating” island or cabinet look.

  • Consider adding open shelves or replacing your upper cabinets with them.
    When we think about contemporary design, we think of minimalism and the open concept. So if you want your kitchen to look more present-day, open up space. Use the open shelves to store and display kitchen items, collectibles, and decorative items. Switching to open shelving would also oblige you to declutter and sort out your kitchen items. Often, decluttering is the simplest way to make your kitchen look brand new.

Update your kitchen for less with Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Seattle.

Making your kitchen more 21st-century-ready does not mean that you have to spend much. For more money-saving ideas, products, and services, call the number on this page.

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