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Planning to replace your old and inefficient kitchen cabinets? Do not just choose any cabinet; choose one that fits you according to the kind of cook you are!

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Kitchen Cabinets Seattle WA - Kitchen Cabinets for Every Cook

Did you know that you could choose which kind of cabinet to have in your kitchen based on what type of cook you are? If you did not, let Kitchen Cabinets Seattle guide you into choosing which cabinet suits you best!

Kitchen cabinets can be classified according to quality, material, purpose, style, and a lot more. In this guide, we will be focusing mainly on kitchen cabinets according to quality and availability. Basically, there are three kinds:

  • Stock Cabinets. These are the most affordable kitchen cabinets that can be purchased in depot stores or at home improvement chains. They are ready-made and available in standard sizes, and their variations are limited to materials, finishes, and styles.

  • Semi-Stock Cabinets. These are quite similar to stock cabinets, except that these can be personalized. Homeowners who choose this kind of cabinet can alter the height, drawer depth, accessories, and finishes.

  • Custom Cabinets. As their name suggests, these are cabinets tailor-made to a homeowner’s specifications. Since these cabinets are customized from their shapes, sizes, height, colors, materials, and finishes, these have to be carefully crafted for over a month or more. These are also the most expensive of the three types.

Selecting Cabinets Based on Cooking Style

Just like cabinets and kitchens, people differ in the way they cook. Some frequently cook at home, while others enjoy cooking and baking as often as they can. Knowing your cooking style can help you make the best decision on the type of cabinet to have for your kitchen.

For those who regularly cook:
Those who cook on the regular opt to have custom kitchen cabinets installed in their homes. Custom cabinets can be designed according to what arrangement works for the cook to improve their efficiency. They also provide space for every kitchen equipment and tool. With room for every item in the kitchen, countertops can be freed to allow work there without any inconveniences.

For those who occasionally or rarely cook:
Those who are only required to cook on occasions should choose fewer cabinets of any type. However, they should select kitchen cabinets with doors. Because they infrequently use the kitchen, their items may accumulate dust when left on open shelves. However, as an alternative, they can transform their countertops into breakfast or brewing stations. This way, they can utilize their kitchen cabinets for breakfast or brewing items such as mugs, coasters, etc.

For those who like baking:
Bakers often need lots of space. Therefore, they should consider getting custom cabinetry and have an island installed in their kitchen. Custom cabinets can provide space for ovens and other heavy-duty kitchen equipment. Smaller kitchens can also have installed an island that doubles as a dining table.

Getting Designer Assistance with Kitchen Cabinets Seattle.

Suppose you are overwhelmed with choosing the right cabinetry or interested in working with getting custom cabinets. In that case, you can contact us and ask for a consultation with one of our kitchen design experts. To book a consultation, call us at the number on our page.

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