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We all know that a classic white kitchen will never go out of style. But this year, more architectural designs for the kitchen are becoming famous. Designs with odd shapes and bright colors, others also add unique art pieces inside their kitchens. With all the trends going on, one important thing to maintain is a cabinet. No matter how expensive or unique your pieces are, if your kitchen utensils are all over the place, it will take away the beauty. If you do not want to stick with an old bulky cabinet, you can talk with our team of professionals about cabinet designs that are both functional and artsy. In the meantime, Kitchen Cabinet Seattle listed down a few trendy cabinet ideas that are in this year.

  • Marble Countertops- I know we should be talking about cabinets, but this beautiful countertop could double as a cabinet under. Its classic marble design will match every design you already have. Marble is very subtle and effortless in its way. Having a cabinet underneath it is a plus point as well.

  • Kitchen Larders- let us go back to the past, shall we. Before the refrigerator was invented, people store and preserve their foods inside a cabinet. This is what the kitchen larder is trying to achieve, providing space for dry goods and other food that could not be put inside the fridge. This is perfect if you have a big kitchen.

  • Wood Cabinet- if you are a more outdoor-ish person, someone who loves hiking and the beach, a wood cabinet is perfect for you. Its beauty is effortless and easy to maintain. Stains and scratches are less visible with the wood cabinet. They are also eco-friendly since more companies are making wooden cabinets using recycled items now. Isn’t that great? You get to help mother nature and make your home look good at the same time.

Kitchen Cabinets Seattle

  • Kitchen Racks- this is also a great way to store your valuables. If you have beautiful plates, you can have a kitchen plate rack made specifically for the type of dishes you have. This idea also came from decades ago that people today decided to bring it back in a more modern way. Another rack idea is a slab of wood attached to the wall. You can stack them in two to threes. You can put jars and decorative pieces to add fun to the room.

  • Hidden Appliances- if you do not like the silver facade of kitchen appliances, you can have them kept inside a cabinet too! You can request to have a custom-built cabinet for your appliances. They will add fronts in your cupboard that will mimic the look of a cabinet. Brilliant right? It also does not matter how big or small these appliances are.

  • Open Frame Cabinet- this is a low-key way of keeping your stuff but still showcasing them. Glass frames will make the room look softer and chic. This is a perfectly subtle way of bragging about your collection of teacups and china wares. This also gives an illusion of open space and good lighting.

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