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How To Achieve A Designer Kitchen with Kitchen Design Seattle WA

When working in the kitchen leaves you feeling uninspired, your space could need a makeover. A kitchen makeover is often fun and exciting. However, with so many decisions to be made and options to choose from, an expert kitchen designer’s assistance would truly come in handy.

At Kitchen Design Seattle, we believe that every home deserves a beautiful and inviting kitchen. Therefore, we have made achieving a designer kitchen more accessible, more affordable, and better overall.

Transforming your kitchen area starts with a phone call. So if you are ready to design your most stunning kitchen yet, book a free consultation with us and let our design experts guide you with the following:

Your Goals. The first thing we have to determine is your goal. This means deciding on a style that you love and truly reflects who you are. Do you prefer a traditional-looking kitchen, or would you rather have a modern kitchen? Or perhaps you prefer something more elegant or simpler? To help you pick a style, look for style inspiration from magazines or the internet and show them to your designer. Do not be worried about selecting design inspirations from different styles. Your designer will help you decide on one type or mix and match them.

Your Plan. With a goal in place, you and your designer can start developing a plan for your kitchen’s design. The planning phase will kick off with an on-site visitation so your designer can take measurements and photos of your kitchen area. Then, your designer will start developing a plan that will ensure the smooth transition of the workflow. Should the process begin with the kitchen cabinets or your flooring? How high should the backsplash be? What countertop material would be best? These will be discussed during the planning phase.

Renovation. With a goal and plan ready, it is time to start renovating! During the entire renovation phase, your designer will be with you to personally oversee the whole process. Our contractors will work efficiently and expertly to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time. If you want to make some changes with the plans or designs, or when something calls for some modifications, your designer will be ready to tackle them face-on with you.

Add Finishing Touches. When all of the laborious work is done, you and your designer will first inspect the quality of work done by the contractors. This way, any unsatisfactory work that your or the designer would find can be fixed before adding the finishing touches. When there are no issues with the craftsmanship, we can continue with adding the finishing touches.

Final Walk-Through. After adding the finishing touches, you and your designer will do a final walk-through to ensure that everything is exactly as planned, if not better.

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Start discussing your kitchen’s new look with our professional kitchen designers. Book a session with us to enjoy a free consultation to determine your goals, and a free on-site visit to measure your kitchen’s dimensions.

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