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The kitchen is one part of your home that is essential. You can get to bond with your parents, children, or spouse in the kitchen while cooking or eating. Food bonds people, so, therefore, make your kitchen as beautiful as any part of your home. There is a wide variety of kitchen layout and design. I am sure you have seen a few gorgeous arrangements for the kitchen that inspired you to renovate yours. It may be in your colleague’s home, from the cooking show you are watching, or kitchen showrooms inside a mall. If you are planning to renovate yours, hire us at Kitchen Design in Seattle. We offer the best kitchen services in town.

Kitchen Design Seattle

With the number of different layouts for your kitchen, I am sure you will find the most suitable personality and aesthetic. Here are a few formats we have listed down for you.

  • One-wall

This type of kitchen layouts often seen in studio type homes. It is perfect for that layout since this requires a little space only. One-wall is one part of the wall inside your home where possibly all of your cooking materials are seen. More massive pieces like a stove, oven, and fridge are installed on the wall to save space. With this design, a countertop or isle will be made in its front to create a small barrier and not make the room look so open. You can put a sink, cabinets, and high chairs on your countertop to make it more functional. One-wall is perfect for outgoing persons if you have visitors over, you can still chat with them while cooking to make them comfortable.

  • Galley

This is usually called as the walk through kitchen. The galley is perfect if the layout of your home is more elongated and has little space. You can make use of two walls facing each other and transform it into a mini kitchen. From the word itself, the galley kitchen leads to a different area or room inside your home. It can be the laundry area or maid’s quarter; this is an excellent way to maximize space.

Kitchen Design Seattle

  • L-shape

You may have probably seen this on television or in celebrity homes. The L-shaped kitchen also saves space by maximizing it. It’s wall to wall feature that is perpendicularly creating an L shaped layout. Cabinets combined two divisions; this is a brilliant idea. L-shaped provides more workspace. You and your family could do multiple dishes at the same time. This is perfect if you have a big family, you can also add a center isle.

  • Horseshoe

This is also called a U-shaped kitchen layout. This design is a mix of Galley and L-shape arrangement. It is made with two walls facing each other, and a cabinet is installed in the center, creating a U-shaped effect. More homeowners prefer this style because it causes less traffic inside the home since it has its own little space. You can also add a center island if you want, but that will make the area claustrophobic. The design itself is already perfect.

For more layout for your kitchen, contact us at Kitchen Design in Seattle. 

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