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When it comes to remodeling your kitchen area, the homeowner should be aware of the steps and procedures your contractor will do next. After all, you will be the one using this kitchen. So your preferences and style should be disintegrated into the process of remodeling. We at Kitchen Install Seattle makes sure our customers are comfortable working with us. We also discuss first hand the process we will make in remodeling the kitchen area. Our team of professionals have studied for years and has the right amount of experience to handle your kitchen renovation needs. We have been providing outstanding service for the locals of Seattle. Since you are already here, you can check our website for feedback from our beloved customers. But for now, we will discuss with you what you should know about kitchen remodeling.

  • Remove the old kitchen- your whole kitchen will be demolished so that the old vibe will be changed. Kitchen cabinets, appliances, basically everything will be removed. This first step will require you to turn off the power for a while to reduce an accident’s chances due to electric shock. All of your kitchen appliances will be turned off, so we recommend cleaning the insides first before we reach there. Mostly food items that will spoil without being refrigerated. This process may take a while. From here, we will also help you source what kitchen items you still want to keep or not. You can always request if you want a specific item re-painted or re-designed if you are on a budget and do not want to splurge on new ones.

  • Replace outdated plumbing- if you know a plumber, that is okay with us. But you must remember that hiring another person outside the team you already hired will cause you 30% more. But if you hire a general contractor from the current team you have, your expenses will lessen. You can use this money for other projects you want to be done.

  • Replace electrical cables- with remodeling; there are chances that your lighting will be replaced. If that happens, we recommend you changing into a higher amp circuit breaker. New lights and appliances require higher voltage; check with your local code department what you can do to make this process smooth. Say goodbye to fluctuation caused by usage overload.

Kitchen Install Seattle

  • Painting the walls- It is not an overall remodel if you do not change the wall’s colors. White is always a classic but experimenting with other colors is fun too. Do not worry. We will help you choose which shades match and compliments one another. We have one whole article for kitchen paint that will surely help you.

  • Install the kitchen floor- homeowners usually get their space remodeled after decades of use. The kitchen floor is prone to food spillage and could quickly wear. The new floor will also provide comfort to you while cooking. Check out our article about different types of kitchen floors.

A kitchen renovation is a stressful process, leave all the hard work with us Kitchen Install Seattle.

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