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More than any room inside your home, your kitchen should have adequate lighting whether you are the type that loves cooking or only uses the chopping board and knife to cut the bread’s edge. We all do agree that light sets our mood. When you have friends and family over, you want to make sure you put a happy ambiance and keep them entertained. Get the right set of lights for your kitchen place with Kitchen Lighting Seattle. We have a wide variety of beautiful lights you can choose from.

  • Ambient All Over Light- is the most common type of lighting. You have probably seen this everywhere. This light aims to fill out with artificial light in the kitchen areas that natural light could not reach. This way, you can save energy and money by turning on lights in specific areas only. 

  • Task Lighting- more homeowners, are into the idea of all-over ambient light. The only issue is, they want a specific light focusing on parts of the kitchen where tasks are performed—for example, the countertop and stove area. People with eyesight problems are having a hard time without task lighting. We want to make sure that you put proper ingredients into your food.

  • Pendant Lights- is a common choice of lighting for kitchens with a center island. If you want to achieve both ambient and task light performance, the pendant light is perfect. It provides proper lighting all over the kitchen area and a spotlight on the countertop. You can hang two or three pendant lights above your kitchen isle to provide perfect lighting inside your kitchen.

  • Decorative Lighting- in choosing the right lighting for our kitchen, we also consider the design. There are unique light fixtures that serve a dual purpose, light your kitchen, and a decorative piece. It is a subtle way of adding decorations to your home.

  • Cabinet Lighting- this is a smart idea for cabinets with glass doors. A light could be installed inside your cabinets to showcase what is on the inside. This will add a classy feel inside your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting, for stuff under your cabinet, could also be installed to highlight what is below, like coffee making machines. You can also request a dimmer switch to reduce the temperature inside the cabinet.

  • Track Lights- has been around for many years but has improved since it has smaller versions now that fit a more chic subtle style. It is an excellent way to like good lighting inside your kitchen area but does not want an overdramatic light. Track lights are versatile and could be moved to different places. You can also quickly know how many lights your kitchen may need. Track lights are also effortless to install and could be faced directly at any part of your kitchen that you want to give spotlight.

  • Multiple Lamp Fixtures- this lamp fixture comes in numerous bulbs but could only be installed using one connection to the ceiling. Multiple Lamp Fixture is like Decorative Pendant Lights but with a vintage or rustic vibe to it.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Cooking is another way to show love to our family. Food bonds people; it is a great way to keep up with your kids or partner. We all want to make sure we serve hearty food for the family. Make sure you are reading the cookbook’s instructions right. Get good lighting for your kitchen. Get the right help with Kitchen Lighting Seattle now.

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