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It is easier to appreciate a kitchen when it is properly illuminated. Learn how to identify which lighting fixtures to add to your kitchen to make it brighter and more functional.

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Kitchen Lighting Seattle WA - Best Lighting Fixtures for Kitchens

Having one overhead lighting will never be enough to make any room functional. And in kitchens, functionality is as important as aesthetics. When a kitchen is not adequately illuminated, cooking, cleaning, and eating may be tiring, dangerous, or impossible, especially at night. To make the most of your kitchen, experts at Kitchen Lighting Seattle recommend light layering.

Light layering

Light layering makes a room brighter and more functional by using multiple sources of light. Natural light sources are supplemented with artificial light sources, which fall into three general types through light layering.

The Three General Types of Artificial Lighting

Ambient Lighting
The primary source of illumination that supplements natural lighting is called ambient lighting. Fixtures that provide ambient lighting offer illumination that is glare-free. Overhead lighting is one example of a fixture that offers ambient lighting. Other examples are flush mount or semi-flush mount lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, torchieres, and cove lighting.

In kitchens, most designers and homeowners favor the use of Pendant Lighting or simply Pendants. These are preferred because, apart from being effective sources of ambient lighting, they also make kitchens look more stylish. Pendants are usually installed in groups over kitchen ceilings, islands, or bar areas.

Task Lighting
Task lighting fixtures, compared to ambient lighting fixtures, provide brighter and more focused light beams. Fixtures that provide task lighting help reduce eye-straining when doing specific tasks. Pendant lights can also function as task lighting sources, depending on where they are placed. Under-cabinet lighting, table lamps, and floor lamps are among other common kitchen lighting fixtures that offer task lighting.

To improve a kitchen’s functionality, homeowners must consider enhancing their cabinets’ efficiency. Cabinet Lighting can help do that. These can be installed inside cabinets to make reaching for items in them easier. When installed under cabinets, these lights make working on kitchen countertops less of a chore. When placed above kitchen cabinets, these lights transform as an accent or ambient lighting.

Accent Lighting
These fixtures are used to highlight the unique or special features of a room.In other words, for aesthetic reasons and to set the mood of the kitchen. The most common fixtures that provide accent lighting are wall sconces, recessed lighting, and LED lights.

Recessed lighting can also be used as ambient lighting. These are ideal for smaller kitchens because they make the kitchen more spacious. Wall-mounted fixtures can really change the mood of a room. Apart from being accent lighting sources, these also are transformed into task lighting.

Know Which Type You Need

To begin identifying which type of lighting you need for your kitchen, you must carefully consider your kitchen’s layout. Find out which areas require support lighting and which areas are often used for doing chores or activities.

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