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Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Painting Kitchen Cabinet

Homeowners have always been down to the DIY painted kitchen cabinets. There have been hundreds of pictures on the internet about painting kitchen cabinets and their excellent results. However, it does not guarantee that your DIY project will have the same product as they have.

To help you with your DIY painting kitchen cabinet to be successful, Kitchen Paint Seattle outline some of the common mistakes in the DIY painting kitchen cabinet and how to avoid them.

  1. Having Unrealistic Expectations
    In every homeowner's project, they always expect a lot from it. Who does not want an unlikeable result? No one. You would wish to have smooth looking cabinets. However, you can not achieve that if your cabinets have visible open grain. It might not be evident after painting. But once the paint dries, it will be visible again. If you want your ideas to be delivered properly, calling a professional kitchen paint service provider is the best solution.

  2. Not Cleaning The Wood Before Painting
    It is necessary to clean your cabinet before applying paint to it. Water-based paint would not stick to the cabinet if covered with oil, dirt, and dust. Use a paint-prep degreaser to remove the old from the wood and a non-scratch delicate scrub sponge.

  3. Choosing the wrong color
    There is no right or wrong color for your kitchen; however, painting your cabinets is not a project you can redo any time you do not like the color. Making sure the color you want to use for your kitchen is critical. Take time to think about the color. You can also look for some ideas on the internet to help you decide.

  4. Not Removing The Doors And Drawers
    It is crucial to take everything off--drawers, hardware, and doors. You may save time from painting everything while they are in place; however, it is not a long-term fix. Paints on cabinets and hardware easily chip within a month if it is not done correctly. When the paint on the hinges starts to chop, you have to sand everything down and soak it to remove the paint. Therefore, it is better to paint the cabinet properly to save yourself the aggravation.

  5. Rushing to Put The Cabinets Back
    It takes days for the paint to be dry, and it can be annoying. But it will be more annoying if you accidentally smudge the paint. You need to sand it and repaint it, which will take more time.

  6. Not Allowing Yourself Enough Time
    Kitchen painting projects do not usually take hours or a day. It often takes at least four to seven days when you do the job correctly and with preparation. Doing the job in a rush can cause more problems and extend the time you spend doing the job.

  7. Painting kitchen cabinets project has a lot of potential pitfalls. To avoid these mistakes and save yourself from stress, it is better to call Kitchen Paint Seattle for a professional job without the hassle and spending a lot of time doing the job.

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