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I am sure you are unsure which brand of a specific item to buy since they all have the same claims. This is very usual, especially for first-time homeowners that are experimenting with different products and brands. Kitchen Supply Seattle tested all products and brands that are in the market for your convenience. We have weighed out which works well, reasonable for its price, and does serve its purpose. Yes, we did this to save you from buying products that you will regret later on. We do not want you to burn your house because of a cheap oven toaster. Here, we listed all the kitchen supply you will need. Now we want you to sit back, read, and relax.

  • Chef’s Knife- If you have only used a cheap chef knife your whole life, you will be glad how excellent a high-quality knife is. Its durability, sharpness, and weight will make it easier for you to cut through anything. Whether it is meat or vegetables, cutting will be easy. One high-quality chef’s knife will last you for years to come. The cheapest quality chef knife we had tried costs $40. There are ways to take care of your knife so that it would last you for years. But that is for another article.

  • Cutting Board- This is probably one of the necessary items you need in your kitchen. Professionals recommend a wooden cutting board since they are durable and slip-proof. You can use it for butchering meat without worrying about your kitchen countertop. However, wood is harder to clean, significantly when you cut meat with it. So the chef’s recommend you have at least one plastic chopping board for your meats. Choose the board made with oak or maple tree; they are durable and will surely last you for years.

  • Can Opener- You need this! Especially if you are a strong independent woman living alone but is having a hard time opening cans using a knife. The can opener is a lifesaver! How satisfying it is to watch is a plus also. There is a can opener that also serves five purposes; pulls tabs, unscrew tops, crown caps, and open can lids. This is as important as you think it is, we assure you that you will be excited when you have to open a can.

  • Measuring Cups & Spoon- you may not think these items are essential, but you will be glad how useful they actually are. With every recipe that requires flour, cornstarch, salt, and sugar in the ingredients, it is vital to be safe and measure everything out. Who does not want to impress their family with delicious meals? After all, we do not want to waste food because it tastes bad.

  • Mixing Bowls- This item is versatile. You can not only use this when mixing dough or salad but also serving food. You can double its purpose by serving your saucy menus in a mixing bowl. Put it to good use; your investment will return to you in no time. Mixing bowls are also good for storing foods inside the fridge. There are varieties that come with caps, so you could just easily put the lid on if there is still leftover food in the bowl.

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